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List of national contact points for users’ complaints

In every EU country, there is a postal complaint authority where people and business can complain about the quality of postal services. The authorities are particularly focused on cases of loss, theft, damage or non-compliance with quality standards.

How the system works

In the first instance, dissatisfied customers should make their complaint to the postal operator that is responsible for providing the universal service in their country. If the postal operator is unable or unwilling to provide a satisfactory solution to their complaint, customers can then contact the national public complaints authority (usually the national postal regulator) in their own EU country.

Each EU country has designated 1 or more authorities for postal complaints. The address of each of the national authorities dealing with complaints is provided below.

In the event that the complaints authority fails to act on or follow-up complaints, customers can seek redress under national or EU law. They may complain to the European Commission if the national authority has ignored or failed to investigate the complaint.

Please note that the 2 complaint procedures outlined above (postal operator and national public complaints authority) must be followed before the European Commission can examine the merits of an individual complaint.

List of national contact points for users’ complaints