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Proximity and social economy ecosystem

On 10 March 2020, the European Commission presented‘A New Industrial Strategy for Europe’. It laid out a plan for how the EU’s world-leading industry could drive the twin green and digital transitions, drawing on the strength of its traditions, its businesses and its people to enhance its competitiveness. It set in motion a new policy approach to deliver on this, focused on supporting all players within each value chain or industrial ecosystem.

See the new industrial strategy for Europe.

The Commission updated our industrial strategy in May 2021 to ensure our industrial ambition takes account of the circumstances following the COVID-19 crisis, while ensuring EU industry can lead the way in transitioning to a green, digital and resilient economy.

The updated industrial strategy reaffirms the priorities set out in March 2020, while responding to important lessons learned to ensure the recovery of Europe’s industry and economy. It also monitors, as part of the annual analysis of the state of the single market, 14 industrial ecosystems, among them ‘Proximity and Social Economy’.