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Sensor-based smart heated technology for ice-skating boots


Sectors covered: Technological innovation in textiles and clothing

Innovation priority: Smart, high-performance materials

Start: 2020

ELIIT funding: €70 000


The Smart Ice-Skating boots project aims to develop and launch the first sensor-based, smartphone-controlled, and heated ice-skating boots.

The partners will adapt the architecture of a skating boot to accommodate sensor-based heating technology, prepare prototypes, implement production processes and conduct product assessments with critical users.

What's the goal?

Develop smart heated insoles for ice skating boots to enhance comfort and prevent injuries on ice.

Key challenges

One of the main challenges is integrating the sensor tech, graphene-based technology and the advanced battery system to keep feet warm during the exercises. Providing a lightweight, compact and ergonomic product following the technology integration is another.

How has ELIIT helped?

With the support of ELIIT, our team was able to advance in integrating the technology into the insoles.

Meet the partners

Edea designs, develops and manufactures lightweight and robust skating boots in Italy, retaining control over production. With an established sales and distribution network, it sells its products worldwide and supplies Olympic teams with high-end ice-skating equipment.

Active in the sports, leisure, industry, defence and healthcare sectors, Vulpés designs, develops and distributes smartphone-controlled heated products. These include heated footwear, gloves, outerwear and therapeutic accessories. Its smart heated products are equipped with advanced communication, heating and sensor technology. Smple user interfaces and deep-tech integration enhance the wearer’s comfort. Furthermore, the company has expertise in integrating technology into 3rd-party products and assembly processes.

Vulpés offers business-to-business and business-to-government services for developing, customising and integrating electronic components into apparel. In addition, it has a robust business-to-customer sales network in European countries, including Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands. Vulpés also sells selected products in Japan.

SME: Edea srl.

Country: Italy
Founded: 2002

Technical provider: Vulpés Electronics GmbH

Country: Germany
Founded: 2014