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Social media can help you to reach out to completely new audiences, and sponsor and celebrate events in different ways.

‘2.0 events’ are supported by the expansion of social networks. Today, your local event can go global at the touch of a button through live streaming. Users can participate virtually through social media, even if the event is physically taking place far away from them. This can increase your international visibility.

Consider the following to make your next event a 2.0:

Before the 2.0 event

Start planning the ‘2.0’ aspects of your event as soon as you start planning it offline. Launch it on social media as soon as you know the:

  • name
  • topic
  • date
  • venue
  • how often it will be repeated

You will also need to keep the following in mind:

Profiles on social networks

If you create a ‘one-off’ event, then we recommend organising it through your company’s existing social media channels.

If this will become a regular event (organised monthly, quarterly or annually), you should create specific event profiles on social media before you publicly announce the event. This ensures that you acquire your desired username.

Communication via social networks

It is important to start social media communication well in advance – ideally months before your event will take place.

Definition of hashtags

Hashtags are keywords preceded by the hash (#) symbol on social media. They are used to classify themes and create conversations on specific topics.

If you plan to host a large event with a number of different activities taking place, you could create hashtags that are specific to each topic.

Live streaming channels

Live streaming your event could make it visible to people across the world.

A combination of event-specific channels, defining hashtags and planned web streaming could start to generate conversations about your event and maximise interest in it.

During the 2.0 event

A good 2.0 event will also need to provide certain services on the day, including:

  • appropriate venue spaces – that allow for people to comfortably use their laptops, charge their devices, get work done and use social media
  • free WiFi – to maximise visibility and enable guests to communicate to their followers
  • 2.0 screens – that display information (including hashtags and tagging details) to guests on projectors or large TVs
  • networking in person or on social media – speakers or participants could share their social media information if they wish so they can network before, during or after the event

2.0 event checklist

Discover whether your event will be 2.0 by reviewing the following checklist. The more ‘yes’ answers that you give, the more likely it will be to be 2.0.

  • my event will have its own Facebook page, Twitter profile, YouTube channel and Instagram handle
  • my event will have a generic hashtag to encourage conversation
  • my event will have specific hashtags for each lecture hall or talk to better guide conversations
  • my event will be offered via free live streaming for people all over the world
  • my event will be correctly equipped with rooms that allow for the use of laptops and tablets
  • free WiFi will be provided
  • the rooms used will have substantial electrical outlets so guests can charge their devices
  • my event will have screens so the public can watch social network conversations live
  • my event will have in-person and virtual networking spaces

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