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Digital Europe Programme

This webpage covers the Digital Europe Programme strictly as part of funding projects related to tourism.

Why is it relevant to tourism?

The Digital Europe work programme shapes and supports the digital transformation of Europe’s society and economy. Its goal is to support the strategic autonomy of the EU’s single market.

The Digital Europe programme reinforces critical digital capacities by focusing on the key areas of artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, advanced computing, data infrastructure, and governance and processing. It also  assists their deployment and best use in  sectors like energy and the environment, manufacturing, agriculture and health. The programme provides strategic support for the digital transformation of the EU industrial ecosystems.

Multi-annual work programmes help implement Digital Europe. There are four independent work programmes. Two cover parts under indirect management (high-performance computing and cybersecurity). The third focuses on the European digital innovation hubs. Finally, the fourth programme covers data, AI, cloud, Euro quantum communication infrastructure (QCI) and skills, in addition to all deployment actions. Digital Europe will ensure that activities within the various programmes synergise and complement each other.