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Vademecum on European standardisation

This Vademecum compiles key documents from the European Commission on European standardisation policy and related practice. It provides guidance without having legal status.

The main aim of the Vademecum is to serve as a guide for

  • Commission officials - to enable them to use European standardisation as a tool for the implementation of European policies and legislation
  • EU countries - to help them to understand the Commission's European standardisation policy and the mechanisms of referring to European standards in European policies and legislation
  • stakeholders - to gain a clear picture of the policies and processes of the Commission in this field

The publication of the Vademecum contributes to the transparency and accessibility of Commission policy on European standardisation.

  1. Standardisation requests (role, adoption and execution)

    SWD(2015) 205 final of 27/10/2015, Vademecum on European standardisation in support of Union legislation and policies

    Follow-up of mandates (411kB) [Note: certain terminology, references and guidance contained in this document published in 2009 are outdated]

  1. Role and use of harmonised standards in harmonisation legislation for products
  2. Regulatory use of standards

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