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Margadh Inmheánach, Tionsclaíocht, Fiontraíocht agus Fiontair Bheaga agus Mheánmhéide

Green public procurement

Through green public procurement, public buyers can use their purchasing power to choose goods, services and works with a lower environmental impact, while also contributing to sustainability goals at the international, national, and local level.

Green public procurement can be a major driver for innovation, providing industry with incentives for developing green products and services. It can also be a source of significant savings for buyers as they look beyond the immediate purchase price and at the entire life cycle cost of a contract. For instance, purchasing energy-efficient or water-saving products helps to significantly reduce utility bills.

Public buyers have a role to play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and moving toward a more circular economy. Green public procurement can help achieve these aims.

More information

Green public procurement (Directorate-General for Environment)