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Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs

Projects and studies on entrepreneurship education

The European Commission is supporting several projects to help improve, promote, and assess the impact of entrepreneurship education in Europe.

Entrepreneurial training and education for teachers

Teachers play an important role in entrepreneurship education. It is important that they are trained in right teaching methods, that they can improve their knowledge and skills, and that they share best practices with colleagues across all EU countries.

Actions to support education and training for teachers

The actions to assess the entrepreneurial skills acquired by students and the impact of entrepreneurship education

High-Level Reflection Panels on Entrepreneurship Education

The panel aims to promote better cooperation and the exchange of practices between EU countries on how to introduce systematic strategies in this area.

Final report Towards Greater Cooperation and Coherence in Entrepreneurship Education (3 MB) (2010).

Calls for proposals

Entrepreneurship in higher education

Entrepreneurship in vocational education and training

Final Report of the Expert Group, 'Entrepreneurship in Vocational Education' (480 kB) (2009)

Entrepreneurship in primary and secondary education

The Oslo Agenda