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European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

The European Clean Hydrogen Alliance supports the large-scale deployment of clean hydrogen technologies by 2030 by bringing together renewable and low-carbon hydrogen production, demand in industry, mobility and other sectors, and hydrogen transmission and distribution. It aims to promote investments and stimulate the roll-out of clean hydrogen production and use. Set up in July 2020, the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance is part of EU efforts to ensure industrial leadership and accelerate the decarbonisation of industry in line with its climate change objectives.

European Clean Hydrogen Alliance banner

What the alliance does

The European Clean Hydrogen Alliance brings together industry, public authorities, civil society and other stakeholders. Alliance members meet twice a year in the Hydrogen Forum to discuss the large-scale deployment of clean hydrogen technologies and what this requires. Six thematic working groups (roundtables) meet throughout the year and focus on the hydrogen value chain parts. See their report identifying the main barriers to the large-scale deployment of clean hydrogen and proposed mitigation measures under the related links section below.

On the occasion of its third Hydrogen Forum, the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance published a pipeline of projects that European industry is undertaking to create the European hydrogen economy at a large scale. Featuring more than 750 projects, the pipeline is testimony to the size and dynamism of the European hydrogen economy. Projects are located in all four corners of Europe and range from clean hydrogen production to its use in industry, mobility, energy, and buildings.

Since the publication of the pipeline, the Commission entered agreements with the European Investment Bank and EIT InnoEnergy to advise project promoters individually on bankability and de-risking strategies, investment readiness, and due diligence preparations. They may also invest in individual projects and profile these to the financial investment community.

Who can join and how

The alliance is open to all public and private actors with activities in renewable or low-carbon hydrogen that want to meet the membership criteria and actively contribute to the objectives set out in the declaration of the alliance. To join the alliance, an organisation must sign the declaration, which commits it to share the alliance's vision and contribute to its operational work.

List of current members


  1. 24-28 October 2022
    Hydrogen week 2022
  2. 16 June 2022
    Alliance permitting working group final report
  3. 05 May 2022
    European Electrolyser Summit
  4. 24 March 2022
    Presentation by EIB of advisory and financing services for hydrogen projects
  5. 22 March 2022
    Partnership with the European Green Hydrogen Acceleration Center

    The European Commission announces partnership with EIT InnoEnergy’s European Green Hydrogen Acceleration Center to accelerate and de-risk green hydrogen projects.

    See the press release

  6. 22 March 2022
    Presentation by European Commission of state aid tools of relevance for hydrogen projects
  7. 10 February 2022
    Presentation of hydrogen and decarbonised gas package to alliance members
  8. 30 November 2021
    The Third European Hydrogen Forum
  9. 17-18 June 2021
    The Second European Hydrogen Forum
  10. 21 May 2021
    Update for European Clean Hydrogen Alliance members on the projects collected and next steps
  11. 7 May 2021
    Closure of the project collection for European Clean Hydrogen Alliance investment pipeline
  12. 9 April 2021
    Launch of the project collection for European Clean Hydrogen Alliance investment pipeline
  13. 26-27 November 2020
    European Hydrogen Forum
  14. 23 October - 13 November 2020
    Call for participation in European Clean Hydrogen Alliance round table
  15. 8 July 2020
    Kick-off meeting of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance
  16. 10 March 2020
    European Clean Hydrogen Alliance announced in the new industrial strategy for Europe

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