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Roundtables of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

Six roundtables cover all parts of the hydrogen value chain, from production to end use. The overall facilitation of the different roundtables’ activities is supported by Hydrogen Europe.

In addition, we formed two working groups in February 2022 to address two significant barriers to the deployment of hydrogen in Europe: standards and permitting procedures. The hydrogen standards working group aims to contribute to the development of hydrogen standards by CEN/CENELEC and other relevant bodies. The permitting group will prepare a report mapping permitting bottlenecks and identifying good practices and policy recommendations. More details on the new working groups will follow soon.

Selection of roundtable members

Roundtables consist of

  • CEOs/executive board members of companies with relevant activities in Europe in research development, demonstration, industrialisation, deployment of renewable or low-carbon hydrogen solutions (supply, transport/distribution or demand) and/or with concrete plans to do so in the near future
  • high-level representatives of other stakeholders, such as, trade unions, research and technology organisations, investors and civil society organisations with a strong interest in renewable or low-carbon hydrogen
  • high-level representatives of EU countries and regional public authorities

For industry representatives, roundtable selection is based on

  • existing and planned activities for the production
  • transmission/distribution or use of renewable or low-carbon hydrogen
  • current and planned/expected investments in production
  • potential contribution to climate and energy targets
  • potential contribution to security of supply of renewable or low-carbon hydrogen
  • potential for value creation in the European hydrogen value chain
  • geographical diversity and diversity in terms of size of companies and representativeness of the entire value chain