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News article17 October 2023Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs2 min read

EEPA 2023 shortlist: Category 5 – Supporting the Sustainable Transition

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The European Enterprise Promotion Awards (EEPA) 2023 has unveiled its shortlisted projects across the competition’s six categories, showcasing outstanding initiatives that foster entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainable growth in Europe. In this post, we take a look at the projects that made it onto the shortlist in EEPA Category 5 – Supporting the Sustainable Transition. These are presented in alphabetical order below.

Category 5 – Supporting the Sustainable Transition recognises initiatives that support the sustainable transition of companies and target environmental aspects such as the circular economy, climate neutrality, clean energy, resource efficiency and biodiversity. Let’s meet this year’s shortlisted projects.

Category 5 – Supporting the Sustainable Transition

CIRCO – creating business through circular design (Netherlands) equips companies and designers to (re)design products, services and business models to do business in a circular manner, by applying the design method in their circular proposition. The emphasis on design is important as more than 80% of all product-related environmental impacts are already determined during the design phase.

Greentech Procurement Accelerator (France) aims to accelerate the ecological transition through public procurement of green innovations. Spearheaded by Ecolab, the innovation laboratory of the French Ministry for the Environment, the initiative comprises several actions supporting the ecological transition in France.

Modernizacija i povećanje konkurentnosti poljoprivrednih gospodarstava (Croatia) solves the challenges agricultural producers face in storing products at a good price. Zagreb County is implementing a unique project in the country - the construction of the first ultra-low oxygen (ULO) cold storage that is not owned by traders. As a result, a total of 23 manufacturers have secured placement in large retail chains. The project’s Distribution Centre for Fruits and Vegetables is also an educational centre for school-age students and farmers.

We wish all of the worthy Category 5 shortlisted projects the best of luck in the next stage of the competition!

What’s next?

The winners of this year’s competition will be announced at the EEPA Awards Ceremony, to be held at the annual SME Assembly in in Bilbao in November. This year the event will be co-hosted by the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union and the European Commission. At the SME Assembly, the jury will also announce the winner of the Jury’s Grand Prize, which can be from any category - the Grand Prize goes to the entry that the jury considers to be the most creative and inspiring entrepreneurship initiative in Europe.

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