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General guidelines

Guidance for bio-based products in procurement


ET-04-18-608-EN-N, 978-92-79-89484-8, 10.2873/234993
Publication date
29 August 2017
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency


Main guidance

The guidance is developed for anyone implementing bio-based products in organisations or procurement -  why they should be used, how to implement them in organisations and what product groups to focus on. The guidance aims to be practical and contains case studies providing examples of, and ideas on the uptake of innovative bio-based products in procurement.

Guidance on bio-based products in procurement (available in 12 EU languages)

Training material

A ‘handbook for trainers’ was also developed to enable trainers to transfer the knowledge contained in the guidance to interested parties. The handbook addresses the content of the guidance and also provides practical advice such as the target group for the training and how to set it up appropriately (e.g. the number of trainees).

Factsheets on the innovation potential of bio-based product groups

Gardening and landscaping:

Infrastructure construction materials:

More comprehensive guidance is available on the dedicated bio-based products webpage.

You can also find information on our chemicals website.


27 OCTOBER 2018
Bio-based products in procurement