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High-Level Forum on European Standardisation


What is the forum?

The Commission set up a High-Level Forum on European Standardisation (the forum) as a part of the EU Strategy on Standardisation to identify standardisation priorities in support of EU policies and legislation, and discuss horizontal issues such as international leadership, education and skills and pre-normative challenges, in a multi-stakeholder setting.

The forum includes a ‘Sherpa’ sub-group as the main operational body dealing with the technical preparatory work undertaken and later endorsed by the forum.

What are the objectives of the forum?

The forum should serve 3 main objectives

  • to support a green, digital and resilient single market by identifying the related standardisation priorities and agreeing on avenues for common action
  • to bring more alignment between European policy priorities, industrial innovation and investment activities and standardisation actions
  • to discuss in a multi-stakeholder set-up possible work strands in support of the implementation of the EU Strategy on Standardisation


The forum brings together up to 60 members from EU/EEA member countries, European Standardisation Organisations, industry, civil society and academia, to discuss how to improve the European standardisation system. The forum meets 1 – 2 times per year.

The current forum comprises 50 members following the public call between 17 October and 21 November 2022. The remaining 10 seats will be subject to a second ongoing public call for nominations, to be published shortly. All information relevant to the forum is publicly available on the Commission’s Expert Groups transparency registry.

The shadow 'Sherpa' sub-group consists of representatives with effective expertise in standardisation and specific expertise in standards to support a green, digital and resilient single market and meets 3 – 4 times per year.


The forum was first presented in the February 2022 Commission Communication, EU Strategy on Standardisation: Setting global standards in support of a resilient, green and digital EU single market and created by Commission decision C(2022)6189 of 1 September 2022.