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High-Level Forum on European Standardisation

High-Level Forum on European Standardisation(2)

What it is the forum?

The Commission is setting up a High-Level Forum on European Standardisation (the forum) to identify standardisation priorities in support of EU policies and legislation, and discuss horizontal issues such as international leadership or education and skills in a multi-stakeholder setting.

The forum will include a ‘Sherpa’ sub-group as the main operational body dealing with the technical preparatory work undertaken and later endorsed by the forum.

What are the objectives of the forum?

The forum will assist and advise the Commission in anticipating upcoming standardisation priorities and contribute to the EU’s role as a global standard-setter. It will allow European standardisation actors to identify, prioritise and address challenges facing the European standardisation system and propose solutions.

The forum will support the Commission in identifying needs for revisions or development of new standards to meet the objectives of the European Green Deal and Europe’s Digital Decade and support the resilience of the single market. It will work in close collaboration with other existing expert groups. This will allow the standardisation community to react faster and be more in tune with the needs of innovators and users.

Who can join?

The Commission is calling for applications for both members of the forum and its ‘Sherpa’ sub-group.

The forum will comprise up to 60 high-level members supported by up to 60 ‘Sherpa’ sub-group members. The call for experts is open to European standardisation organisations and organisations representing different interests such as industry, SMEs, societal stakeholders, researchers, innovation and academia, as well as trade associations with demonstrated interest in European standardisation.

For more information on the composition, appointment and expectations of members see the Commission Decision of September 2022 setting up the group of experts ‘High-Level Forum on European Standardisation’.

How to join?

The call for applications has been extended until 21 November 2022 and you can find it on the Commission Expert Groups register.


The forum was first presented in the February 2022 Commission Communication, EU Strategy on Standardisation: Setting global standards in support of a resilient, green and digital EU single market

Questions and answers

Please note that this document aims to complement and clarify the call and does not replace it. The Q&A document will be periodically updated; we invite applicants to check this website regularly.

Next steps

We will inform the retained applicants in due time in order to invite them to the 1st Sherpa meeting scheduled to take place online on 20 December, and to the 1st High-Level Forum meeting scheduled for 20 January 2023 in a hybrid format.