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Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs

Value chain oriented open factory

Innovations in the highest quality and most complex technologies are increasingly being made by self-organising networks. Networks are interlinked organisations - companies, universities, governmental agencies etc. - that generate, acquire and integrate specific knowledge and skills to invent and/or co-create new solutions, products and technologies. Self-organisation here means the ability of these networks to combine and recombine the learned skills with flexible, decentralised management.

In a world of exponentially increasing technological developments and fast-changing customer demands, companies can no longer depend exclusively on proprietary research and resources. Individual producers increasingly need to enable 'co-creations', expand coordinated demand-driven supply chains and innovative capability. This transformation aims to establish a production system spanning various innovation relations and organisations. Factories are evolving from solo players to networked organisations that share both risk and capital.

Cooperation and partnerships

The organisation is structured agile and open towards various cooperation and partnerships in order to enable co-creation, demand-driven value chains and innovative capability.

External expertise and knowledge management

To offer individualised and state-of-the-art products, needs, demands as well as knowledge has to be tapped beyond the companies borders.