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Service contract: Signals evolution


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Number: 630/PP/GRO/RCH/17/9877

The aim of this contract is to build upon existing research and development work carried out on advanced navigation signal concepts.

Those existing, innovative ideas will be investigated to assess the possibility for Galileo evolutions to transmit optimised and/or additional new signals to further enhance the performance or features of the system.

But for this assessment to be valuable it is important to understand the capabilities and potential of the existing Galileo signals and the potential for signal ideas that are currently being considered by the EU GNSS programmes, so that an objective comparison can be made.

General objectives of this activity include, to:

  • identify the existing state of the art for GNSS signals
  • review existing metrics to assess the performance of GNSS signals with respect to their characteristics, and to suggest new metrics if appropriate
  • anticipate and describe user segment technology elements and constraints within the 2020 - 2040 timeframe
  • further develop user requirements for the different signal aspects, including for example, interoperability and backward compatibility, for different user communities
  • identify innovative ideas for GNSS signals, either to improve aspects of performance (such as sensitivity, accuracy, multipath resistance, robustness to jamming or spoofing etc.), or to respond to user requirements identified during the contract
  • develop and investigate existing ideas that offer the greatest potential for benefits to users, including consideration of individual user community requirements
  • analyse trade–offs to show the pros/cons of the various ideas
  • better understand how these new signal ideas could be implemented in Galileo evolutions
  • set-up experimental activities that focus on user segment technologies in order to exploit, test and validate the solutions identified in the context of the contract


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