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Pressure equipment and gas appliances

The industrial sectors of pressure equipment and gas appliances are important in terms of EU growth and jobs. Both are also important from the point of view of EU regulation for safety and other standards.

Prospects for the industry remain good but largely depend on the overall economic growth and the level of local investment.

Pressure equipment sector

The industrial sector of pressure equipment concerns a wide range of products, from consumer products like fire extinguishers and pressure cookers to huge and complex industrial installations or boilers in power plants.

Simple pressure vessels and aerosol dispensers are also covered in this sector.

Gas appliances sector

The Gas appliances sector concerns a wide range of products, concerning mainly common consumer and commercial appliances that burn gaseous fuels.

These are used for cooking, heating, hot water production, refrigeration, lighting and washing, forced draught burners and heating bodies. It also includes related safety, controlling or regulating devices.

The Gas Appliances industry contributes significantly to the performance of the EU economy.

Challenges faced by the sectors

There is a strong demand amongst pressure equipment and gas appliances stakeholders for reinforced market surveillance to protect business against unfair competition. The responsibility for market surveillance lies with EU countries and activity has been very uneven. Regulation (EC) No 765/2008 on accreditation and market surveillance is a first step towards enhancing activities and improving cooperation between national authorities.

Moreover, the pressure equipment and gas appliances manufacturing industry emphasises the need for a stable, predictable, coherent and simpler/smarter regulatory environment.

What the Commission is doing

The European Commission promotes the global and sustainable competitiveness of the sectors within the Pressure Equipment and Gas Industries by assessing the challenges and taking necessary actions.

The Commission also coordinates and monitors the implementation and interpretation of a number of important Directives related to pressure equipment and gas appliances. It also oversees standardisation for these sectors.