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Publication on evaluation of support services for would-be entrepreneurs and newly established businesses

The report reviews public support services for would-be entrepreneurs and new enterprises from 42 countries (from the EU, other COSME Programme countries, plus Canada, Israel and the US). It overviews the structure of the services and how they assist...


The analysis starts with a broad look at 300 services from 42 countries and then goes into detail of 100 cases including 50 best practice examples (see the report annexes). The dimensions of reviewed services, apart from essential awareness-raising services, include three core services. These are the most commonly available for any support provision: individual business advice, entrepreneurship/business training, and access to finance. More specialised services supplement them (i.e. legal & regulatory advice, mentoring, facilities provision, digital strategy & education and networking). The case studies include examples of services for all the dimensions.

Moreover, a practical self-assessment tool and an accompanying participants’ feedback tool were developed as part of the study results. They help entrepreneurship support providers assess their initiatives themselves as well as identify strength and improvement areas (see the tools in excel format).

The report is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand how support services can contribute to economic development and innovation.