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Deploying additive manufacturing with textile-based natural fibre composites

Sectors covered
Technology innovation in textile & clothing
Innovation priority
Smart, high-performance materials


The main goal of this project is to deploy ground-breaking 3D deposition technology to produce continuous fibre-reinforced thermoplastic composites with textile-based bio-composites.

The ThermoPlastic composites Application Centre (TPAC) of Saxion University has developed a novel deposition head that makes it possible to produce any geometry in any (3D) direction with unidirectional (UD) tape made of strong continuous fibres. BPREG has developed novel thermoplastic UD tape from natural fibres (EcoRein®-UD) thanks to its patent-pending technology.

By combining the deposition technology and the unique bio-based material, the regular plastics conversion industry (e.g. for the automotive sector) will be able to integrate sustainable continuous-fibre reinforcements into its products at extremely low costs.


The technical objective of the project is to transfer the 3D tape deposition technology from TPAC to BPREG in order to open up a new and huge application potential via additive manufacturing of EcoRein®-UD. The business objective is to enhance the capabilities of BPREG by providing the company with a new product portfolio of printable, narrow-width UD tapes and a new service for the manufacturing of tailored, complex geometry, ready-to-insert preforms.

Outcome of ELIIT project support

Impact (to date)

Regarding the technology transfer, with the support of this project the current BPREG product portfolio will be expanded to include printable UD tape and tailored blank preforms. 

BPREG expects to achieve workload growth of 1 full-time equivalent (FTE) during the first year and 5-8 FTE after 5 years (equating to a turnover increase of EUR 6.5 million).

Based on its continuous analysis of the value chain and related processes, BPREG has developed a well-thought-out marketing strategy.


SME: BPREG Kompozit ve Tekstil A.Ş.

Country: Turkey
Year of creation: 2017
More information: company website

Technical provider: Stichting Saxion (ThermoPlastic composites Application Centre – TPAC)

Country: The Netherlands
More information: company website,,