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Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs

Single Market Economics Papers

Working papers and economic briefs produced by the Commission's Internal Market, entrepreneurship and SMEs department

What kind of publications are included?

This collection will encompass the evidence-based analytical papers of the Commission's Internal Market, entrepreneurship and SMEs department, at times in collaboration with other Commission departments. The Chief Economist Team is responsible for the series’ publication, including the peer review of the papers.

Working papers

The Economic Implications of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine (forthcoming)

WP2022/04 - This paper analyses the economic implications of the Russian invasion of Ukraine for the European economy, of the sanctions imposed on Russia by the international community, and of the corresponding countermeasures. In this context, it illustrates the challenges faced by the European economy and the massive adjustment on-going.

  • Report
  • Frank Vandermeeren

30 years of single market – taking stock and looking ahead

WP2022/05 - This note provides an analytical contribution on the state of the single market 30 years after its establishment and the role of the single market as driver of EU resilience. It assesses developments in goods and services integration.

  • Report
  • Afonso Amaral, William Connell-Garcia, Francesco Di-Comite, Cristina Herghelegiu

'SCAN' (Supply Chain Alert Notification) monitoring system

WP2022/03 - This paper proposes an indicator-based mechanism to monitor the evolution of supply chains in the EU and identify their distress.