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Continuously open call for applications for the working group on motor vehicles

The Commission is calling for applications to select additional members for the 'working group on motor vehicles'.

The working group on motor vehicles (MVWG) was set up in the 1970s to advise the Commission on policy initiatives and legislative proposals related to motor vehicles.

In view of the latest developments in vehicle technologies such as connected and automated vehicles and electrification, the Commission would like feedback from the broader stakeholders' community. We are calling for applications to select additional members of the group.

The group is currently composed of

  • EU countries' authorities at national, regional or local level (members type D)
  • other public entities (members type E)
  • organisations in the broader sense of the word (members type C)

With this call for applications we aim to select new members of type C, such as

  • EU umbrella associations and federations from the automotive industrial value chain representing different levels of the extended automotive value chain and related services (manufacturers OEMs, suppliers, retailers and repair and maintenance providers, ICT associations, network operators and digital services associations working with connected vehicles and/or autonomous vehicles)
  • trade unions
  • civil society organisations (non-governmental organisations and consumers associations)
  • other associations and academia with a legitimate interest in motor vehicle policies and related issues.

For detailed information on how to apply, the selection criteria, and the selection procedure, please see the call document.


Email: GROW-I2-meetingsatec [dot] europa [dot] eu