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Call for proposalsClosed

Selection of European testing facilities

The purpose of this call for expression of interest is to determine the entities that will be designated as European Union Testing Facilities (EUTFs) operating namely in the sectors of Radio Equipment and Toys.


Publication date
26 July 2022
Opening date
Deadline model
Deadline date
26 September 2022, 16:00 (CEST)


EUTFs shall, within the area of their competence, perform the following duties

(a) carrying out testing of products at the request of market surveillance authorities, the EU Products Compliance Network (hereafter 'EUPCN', established under article 29 of the Regulation (EU) 2019/1020) or the Commission

(b) providing independent technical or scientific advice at the request of the EUPCN

(c) conducting, at the request of the EUPCN, initial and further training courses for the benefit of the staff of market surveillance authorities and the Commission

(d) organising workshops, at the request of the EUPCN (on an annual basis) in collaboration with the relevant Administrative Cooperation groups (ADCOs) to present the EUTF activities

(e) participating at the meetings of the coordination groups of the Notified Bodies for Radio Equipment and Toys, respectively, for the part of the meetings open to all laboratories

(f) participating in the work of the relevant groups of CEN/CENELEC or the national standardisation body of the EU country or the EEA EFTA country where the EUTF is established

No funding is foreseen under this call for expression of interest.

However, Regulation (EU) 2019/1020 on market surveillance and compliance of products stipulates in article 36(2b) that the Union may finance the establishment and functioning of Union testing facilities referred to in Article 21.

Therefore, the Commission may invite EUTFs designated through this call to submit a proposal to obtain funding for the implementation of activities in the sectors mentioned in point 2 and agreed between the parties.

The deadline for the submission of applications is 26 September 2022 at 16:00 (CET)

Additional information, including the updated list of the call's questions and answers, will be posted on this page during the publication stage, so we encourage you to visit it regularly.

You may submit questions on this call for expression of interest in writing by sending an email to: GROW-D3-SELECT-EUTF2022atec [dot] europa [dot] eu (GROW-D3-SELECT-EUTF2022[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu)