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Transition pathway for a more resilient, digital and green retail ecosystem


Opening date

Target audience

Retail ecosystem stakeholders such as companies and business associations, public authorities, social partners, academia, consumers and other relevant organisations. 

Why we are consulting

The updated EU Industrial Strategy highlights the need to accelerate the green and digital transition of the EU industry and its ecosystems. To that end, it proposes working with the relevant stakeholders to design and implement transition pathways for each ecosystem.

This consultation aims to initiate the process of developing a transition pathway for the retail ecosystem. See more information on transition pathways.

The Commission services have prepared a staff working document outlining how the retail ecosystem could accomplish a green, digital and skills transformation, increase its resilience and ensure that the transition takes place in a just and fair way.

Based on their experience and knowledge, we invite stakeholders to reflect and provide answers to the challenges and opportunities of the transition.

In addition to the survey, in the autumn the Commission will organise targeted workshops with stakeholders on the areas identified to deepen the discussions towards finalising the retail ecosystem transition pathway in the beginning of 2024.

Respond to the consultation

The response period for this consultation has ended. Thank you for your input.

Reference documents

27 JULY 2023
Co-creation of a transition pathway for a more resilient, digital and green retail ecosystem