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News article19 April 2023Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs

Public procurement: A new community platform to connect public buyers in the EU

Today, the European Commission is launching the Public Buyers Community Platform, an innovative platform designed to facilitate cooperation and knowledge-sharing between public buyers across Europe. The Public Buyers Community Platform is a unique digital space where public procurement stakeholders including public authorities, industry, SMEs and academia can come together to exchange best practices, share experiences and discuss challenges.

The Platform aims to encourage collaboration and build a community of public buyers who are committed to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of public procurement processes. Efficient, modern and well-managed public procurement can help create a more innovative, sustainable and socially inclusive EU economy. It stimulates the job sector, growth and investment, and improves the quality of public services.

The launch of the Public Buyers Community Platform is a significant step towards achieving the European Commission's goals of promoting transparency, fairness and competition in public procurement. It follows the launch of the Public Procurement Data Space, which pools data on the preparation for tenders, calls for tenders and outcome of tenders. Today's Platform is expected to bring about positive changes in the way public procurement is carried out across Europe. It is accessible to all public procurement professionals across Europe. To join the platform and start benefitting from the Community's knowledge and experience, visit the Platform's website.

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