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News article31 March 2023Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs1 min read

Tourism organisations keep taking concrete steps toward the green and digital transition

As part of the Transition Pathway for Tourism, 179 tourism organisations have already committed to the transition of EU tourism. Today we publish 382 pledges and more should follow. 

In February 2022, the European Commission called tourism stakeholders to express concrete actions to contribute to the co-implementation of the Transition Pathway for Tourism and work together towards greener, more digital and resilient tourism.

With 382 pledges, the first, second and third batches of commitments show the strong interest and willingness of EU tourism players to work on the transition of EU tourism. Overall, 179 organisations from 23 EU countries and 9 other countries responded to the call to renew EU tourism. 

After the third round of commitments, the pledges cover all 27 Topics of the Transition Pathway for Tourism, covering areas such as policy and governance, sustainable mobility, green transition, digital transition, skills, resilience and inclusion, and stakeholder support.

Tourism transition pathway chart with 3rd batch commitments and pledges from March 2023


Visit the commitments and pledges webpage for more information

The wide coverage of topics shows the successful continuation of the long-term transition process. Many more pledges are in the pipeline, still being fine-tuned and clarified by their submitters. The Commission will take stock and publish new and updated commitments up to three times a year.

If you are also interested in committing to the transition of EU tourism, see our call for pledges and commitments.


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