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Vnitřní trh, průmysl, podnikání a malé a střední podniky
Zpráva4. února 2022Generální ředitelství pro vnitřní trh, průmysl, podnikání a malé a střední podniky

Transition pathway for tourism published today

Today, the European Commission unveils the transition pathway for tourism, the first in a series of transition pathways for EU industrial ecosystems.

Transition pathway for tourism banner

Call for commitments to the transition pathway for tourism

We launched a call for commitments during the EU industry Days 2022. Tourism stakeholders who wish to make a public commitment towards greener, more digital and resilient tourism can do so by the end of May 2022.

Following the 2021 Updated Industrial Strategy and given the many challenges faced by the tourism industry and the major impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the tourism ecosystem was the first industrial ecosystem to work on a transition pathway.

The extensive stakeholders co-creation process began in June 2021 with a targeted consultation on possible scenarios for transition. Altogether over 30 workshops and meetings were held with stakeholders to further brainstorm and elaborate the ideas. 

The transition pathway identifies 27 areas of measures for the green and digital transition, and for improving the resilience of EU tourism. It calls for more circular and environmentally friendly services in tourism, enhancing data sharing for more innovative services, and improving accessibility of services, among others. 

During a tourism-dedicated spotlight event on 8 February, during the EU industry days, the Commission and stakeholders will discuss the transition pathway and the next co-implementation steps.


Transition pathway for tourism

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