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Iekšējais tirgus, rūpniecība, uzņēmējdarbība un MVU
Mobility transition pathway

We need to accelerate the green and digital transition and to increase European industry resilience. To that end, the European Commission works together with industry, public authorities, social partners and other stakeholders.

The mobility ecosystem comprises the entire value chain of the automotive, waterborne, rail and bike industries. Following the updated EU Industrial Strategy, we launched the transition pathway for the mobility ecosystem. In doing so, we support the ecosystem’s twin transition while ensuring it remains competitive and resilient to crisis.

The blueprint for transition pathways, proposed by the EU industrial forum, is the guiding tool for the co-creation process of this transition pathway. It is used to understand the challenges and opportunities of the twin transition in the different industrial ecosystems.

It is crucial that the stakeholders take co-ownership of both the development and the implementation of the transition pathway.

The following sections provide an overview of the different steps of the co-creation process.