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A more resilient, green and digital construction ecosystem

The updated EU industrial strategy highlights the need to accelerate the green and digital transition of EU industry and its ecosystems. To that end, it proposes working together with industry, public authorities, social partners and other stakeholders. This co-creation process will lead to the publication of transition pathways for each ecosystem. 

Construction is one of the EU industrial ecosystems that is the most heavily affected by the COVID-19 crisis and the war in Ukraine, and face the most important challenges as a result. The construction ecosystem suffers especially from shifts in supply and demand for materials, finished products and a skilled workforce. 

Therefore, we are creating a transition pathway in collaboration with MEU countries and stakeholders. Setting a vision for a greener and more resilient construction ecosystem, it will be published by the end of 2022.  

The transition pathway will show an analysis of challenges within the ecosystem that stakeholders and policymakers should address to improve the ecosystem’s resilience and set them on a path to a greener and better digital future. Actions to be implemented by different actors are expected to involve entrepreneurs, companies, research organisations, local, regional, national and EU authorities, social and environmental stakeholders, workers and citizens and their organisations. 

It is especially important that the industry actors take co-ownership of both the drafting and the implementation of the transition pathway.