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Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs

Video competition - Build Europe with us!

In early 2015, the Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs launched a video competition to encourage young talent to join the construction sector. The competition aimed to have young people showcase their projects and innovative ideas on how to Build Europe.


Competition winners announced

The European Commission and a panel of specialised jury members have selected a winner and runner up, as follows:

  • Winner: Hrvoje Knežević from Osijek, Croatia
  • From: Faculty of Civil Engineering, Osijek, Croatia
  • Video Title: Build Europe with us
    Hrvoje Knežević is a student at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Osijek, Croatia. His idea was to make a commercial-like video to show the variety of processes related to a construction project and its significance for society.

See the winning video

  • First runner up: Fernando Jose Pardos Catalan from Miralbueno, Spain
  • Video title:How do we see Building’s World
  • Fernando Jose Pardos Catalan and his fellow VET students from Miralbueno, Spain aimed to show that young people are all about innovation and action. And modern construction isn’t only about execution - it features an array of tools like design apps, new materials and new systems of execution. This is the ‘new construction way’.

See the runner up video

Please note the competition is now closed and the following information is for reference only:

Background to the competition

The construction sector offers plenty of opportunities for young people. It generates almost 10% of EU GDP and provides 20 million direct jobs. It is a key solution-provider for the societal challenges we face, such as reaching our energy and climate objectives, preparing for an ageing society and offering smart living solutions.

What can young people offer to the construction sector? Bricks made from recycled materials? Smart devices that allow you to better control energy consumption at home? A new app to calculate the environmental impact of buildings on a smartphone? On the spot innovative approaches? You name it!

What are their skills? What are their talents? We wanted you to share them with us - the sector needs young people.


Who could participate?

Participants could submit a video alone or with friends, colleagues, classmates, etc.


The Jury evaluated the projects based on their potential to attract new talents to the sector, their innovation potential, their possibility to be put into practice and their contribution to achieving the European goals in terms of sustainable construction and/or the competitiveness of the sector.

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions (120 kB) of the competition are available here