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Mobile machinery

Completing the internal market for mobile machinery

Mobile machinery (also known as NRMM: non road mobile machinery), includes a wide range of machinery designed to perform specific operations in off-road environments, such as:

  • agricultural machinery (e.g. sprayers, combined harvesters, forestry equipment)
  • construction machinery (e.g. lifting and handling equipment, earthmoving machinery, mobile cranes, industrial trucks)
  • gardening machinery (e.g. lawnmowers)
  • municipal machinery (e.g. for street cleaning or snow removal)

Occasionally, such machinery would need to travel on the public roads to move from one location to the next one.

EU legislation and mobile machinery

The Commission is working on a new legislative initiative to harmonise the road circulation safety requirements for mobile machinery (self-propelled and towed).

Many aspects of the machinery sector have been harmonised. However, ‘road safety requirements’ such as lights, brakes, steering, dimensions, etc., are currently regulated at a national level and manufacturers have to comply with requirements which vary between EU countries. This causes administrative burdens and regulatory charges for manufacturers plus possible road safety concerns for the EU countries with more stringent rules.

The European Commission committed to address these problems and improve the functioning of the Internal Market through a new legislative act which will harmonise safety requirements for the road circulation of mobile machinery (self-propelled mobile and towed machinery).

Consultation activities

The Commission is in process of conducting a series of consultation activities with all concerned stakeholders:

Relevant information

The objective of this impact assessment on the EU harmonisation of the requirements for the road circulation of mobile machinery was to collect data and evidence.


  • GROW-MOBILE-MACHINERYatec [dot] europa [dot] eu (GROW-MOBILE-MACHINERY[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu)