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Harnessing the potential of sustainable biofabrication with advanced digital manufacturing technologies to develop a Mycelium-based capsule collection.

Key facts

Sector: Technology innovation in footwear & leather

Innovation priority: Smart, high-performance materials

Start date: 2021

ELIIT funding: €70 000

EMYCLOTH is a project devoted to further developing a bio-fabricated mycelium-based fabric. It aims to achieve this by leveraging the great potential offered by digital technologies and inspiring, innovative and sustainable-by-design patterns.

What's the goal?

EMYCLOTH is tapping into disruptive innovations in sustainable new materials, leveraging unique products to address pressing social and environmental challenges.

On a technical level, by optimising the bio-fabrication process, the project aims to improve the product’s aesthetics and make it more customisable, which will help to give it a competitive edge.

In terms of sustainability, waste streams and by-products from other value chains will be used to eliminate microplastics released into the environment and reduce the product’s overall water footprint.

Finally, on a social level, EMYCLOTH will offer digital and green upskilling for both existing and new workers. It will also eliminate hazardous substances from the bio-fabrication and digital tailoring processes to protect the health of both workers and users.

Key challenges

Key challenges include the cost of technologies, ensuring the suitability of the process for mass production and learning about potential markets and consumers.

How has ELIIT helped?

ELIIT has enabled the EMYCLOTH partners to strengthen their collaboration and define the terms of their partnership for creating and commercialising unique mycelium-based wearables and accessories. Indeed, ELIIT has fostered the development of a collaborative business model consistent with both MOGU’s and BOND’s strategies and goals.

Starting from a disruptive idea, the EMYCLOTH partners is implementing it in several steps

  • optimising mycelium-based biofabrication protocols
  • setting up a pilot plant
  • fine-tuning transformation processes
  • employing manufacturing technologies on an innovative material
  • creating the first mycelium-based capsule collection

ELIIT has supported MOGU and BOND through all these steps. Once consolidated and made cost-efficient, this process will increase both partners’ profit margins, with a 74.4% reduction in production costs.

Finally, ELIIT promoted the EMYCLOTH projects at highly reputed international fairs and exhibitions, as well as conferences on sustainable and alternative materials. This helped increase awareness of mycelium fibres and their unprecedented opportunities.

Meet the partners

EMYCLOTH is the result of a fruitful partnership between Bond and Mogu. Mogu is an innovation-driven biotech SME based in Inarzo (VA), Italy. It develops technologies, materials and products through processes rooted in fungal fermentation. Mogu produces biomaterials for various sectors, such as interior design, architecture, and fashion.

Bond is an innovative SME based in Pescara, Italy, with over 30 years of experience in luxury tailoring and cooperating with international fashion brands. Bond works closely with manufacturers in all sectors to re-purpose machinery and technology to upcycle textiles. From design to business models, Bond provides luxury brands with the means to bring their collections in line with sustainability and circular economy targets.

SME: Bond Factory

Country: Italy
Founded: 1987

Tech provider: Mogu s.r.l.

Country: Italy
Founded: 2015