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Key facts

Sectors covered: Technological innovation in textiles and clothing

Innovation priority: Smart, high-performance materials

Start: 2020

ELIIT funding: €70 000


The Asian tiger mosquito is an invasive pest which is mainly found in urban areas in the countries to which it has spread. It lays its eggs in receptacles such as jugs, buckets, vases and dishes containing small amounts of water, especially in shaded spots.

Because the mosquito tends to proliferate on private property, eradication efforts by public authorities are likely to be difficult, expensive and ultimately ineffective. Thus, a device is needed that allows individuals to prevent the mosquito’s spread without posing a risk to human health.

What's the goal?

In response to the need to control the spread of the Asian tiger mosquito, the TEXDECON project has been developed and patented. A device made up of layers of 4 types of recycled, natural woven, and non-woven fabric.

The device is activated in contact with water, with its layered structure allowing for capillary absorption of the surrounding water. The water then acts as a vehicle for the controlled release of the natural larvicide contained in the device. This larvicide prevents more than 99% of larvae from developing into adults.

As private homes are the primary environment for combating mosquito proliferation, the device is designed for easy use by the public. It does not contain chemicals and is thus non-toxic, presenting no risks to humans, animals or the environment and remains effective for 4 weeks. Moreover, it is the first device to use textiles for pest control.

Key challenges

Developing the device required integrating different types of textile and leather support and testing with a range of substances. Before marketing, it was also necessary to demonstrate its efficacy under lab and real-life conditions using mosquitoes reared in an insectary.

How has ELIIT helped?

Thanks to ELIIT support, the partners were able to get the product to market in August 2021.

We have also been able to continue with the international patenting process of the final product. In addition, and we had the chance to make our development known internationally at trade fairs, both online and physically.

Meet the partners

Texalive, with more than 25 years of experience in the textile, leather and its components sector, Texalive is dedicated to producing and distributing fabrics, membranes and different technical materials.Its customers include the fashion, technical, sports, labour, military and orthopaedic market.

ESALTIA is dedicated to building personalised, innovative and environmentally friendly solutions by applying cutting edge technologies advanced oxidation technologies. These include using ozone, ultraviolet light, pulsed-power and ultrasound technology, along with electrochemical oxidation, in different industrial processes.

SME: Texalive Tecnologies, S.L.

Country: Spain
Founded: 2010

Tech provider: ES Creatividad, innovación y Desarrollo, S.L

Country: Spain
Founded: 2011