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Fashion and high-end industries

The fashion and high-end industries are a significant part of the creative economy and have the potential to contribute to the growth of manufacturing in Europe. At the same time, these industries face a number of challenges that the European Commission works to address such as the growing number of counterfeit goods, the protection of intellectual property rights, and the financing difficulties facing small businesses.

Fashion and high-end industries in the EU

The fashion and high-end industries represent European cultural heritage and expertise. With 5 million people directly employed in the fashion value chain and over 1 million people employed in high-end industries, they provide an important contribution to the EU economy.

Fashion and high-end industries in the EU

EU support for fashion and high-end industries

The Commission has launched initiatives to strengthen the competiveness of the fashion and high-end industries. High-level consultations with industry resulted in an Action Plan that includes measures to protect intellectual property rights, fight the challenge of fake goods, and help fashion small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) access finance and stimulate innovation and creativity.

How the EU supports fashion and high-end industries