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Textiles Ecosystem Transition Pathway – Co-creation and co-implementation process

The updated EU Industrial Strategy highlights the need to accelerate the green and digital transitions of EU industry and its ecosystems. To that end, it proposes cooperation between industry, public authorities, social partners and other stakeholders.

Together with the EU strategy for sustainable and circular textiles, we invited stakeholders to join us in the co-creation of a transition pathway for the textiles ecosystem. Through this inclusive process, we identified what the digital and green transitions and increasing resilience mean for the textiles ecosystem, and what specific actions and commitments need to accompany the transition. 

The sections below will guide you through the different steps of the co-creation process of the Textiles Ecosystem Transition Pathway. We will regularly update the information. 

We invite all EU textiles ecosystem stakeholders to submit their commitments to support the pathway actions. We will publish the commitments, recognising our stakeholders' contribution to and leadership in the transition of the ecosystem.