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Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs

Middelfart - Winner 2022

With joint learning and development at the heart of the strategy, Middelfart invites all stakeholders and businesses to undergo sustainable transformation together. By creating awareness, Middelfart ensures a broad transfer of knowledge on sustainable tourism.

Measures for flora and fauna in wildlife environments enable a secure and unique experience for visitors while also safeguarding the attraction. To maintain this attractive environment, Middelfart offers a wide range of climate-related education for all stakeholders, interested parties and tourists.

Thisted - Finalist 2022

Thisted attracts an array of external expertise and investment by cultivating a culture that sees energy and tourism as developing symbiotic assets. Here, the population can directly benefit from sustainable tourism through a continuous collaborative approach between the destination's public and private stakeholders.

When coming to Thisted, the tourism experience is as varied as it is sustainable. With synergy between both components, Thisted constantly evolves its destination products and renewable energy opportunities.