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Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs

Communication and guidance


Report on public procurement The European Commission has published a report on the implementation and best practices of national procurement policies in the Internal Market.

New practical guidance to help public buyers integrate social considerations into public procurement

This second edition of ‘Buying social: A guide to taking account of social considerations in public procurement’ provides practical indications for public buyers to consider the social impact of the goods, services, and works they purchase.

Innovation procurement guidance

This guidance document presents in a concise manner the fundamental aspects of innovation procurement: why it is important, who has interest in it and how this process can be done.
New guidance on fighting collusion in public procurement This guidance for European contracting authorities explains how to use EU law to address suspected cases of collusion in public procurement. 


Coronavirus response in relation to public procurement

The European Commission has released new guidance for public buyers to help public authorities use the flexibility provided by the EU’s public procurement framework to ensure rapid and efficient purchases of all necessary equipment.


Guidance on the participation of third-country bidders and goods in the EU procurement market

This guidance document facilitates the understanding of some practical aspects of public procurement procedures in the EU when dealing with third country participation in tenders. It also aims to promote the principle that not only price, but also high European standards are taken into account in public procurement procedures.


Making public procurement work in and for Europe

The European Commission has presented a public procurement strategy setting out the overall policy framework and defining clear priorities to improve procurement in practice and support investment within the EU.