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The European Commission has set up several digital procurement expert groups. These groups focus on the implementation of EU rules related to digital procurement, share good practice and discuss possible future policy.

Multi-stakeholder Expert Group on eProcurement

The Multi-Stakeholder Expert Group on eProcurement (EXEP) is based on the Commission communication on ‘End-to-end e-procurement to modernise public administration’. The group's work focuses on the core issues necessary for a successful transition to e-procurement.

EXEP aims to provide guidelines for developing eProcurement systems and build on existing resources such as the Golden Book of eProcurement practices (11 MB). EXEP documents are available in an online wiki (EU Login required).

Documents produced by the Expert Group

To facilitate the transition to eProcurement, EXEP has delivered several reports. These reports were endorsed by EXEP and prepared by EXEP subgroups.

13 December 2019

19 September 2017:

24 October 2016:

European Multi-Stakeholder Forum on Electronic Invoicing

The European Multi-Stakeholder Forum on Electronic Invoicing (EMSFEI) brings together stakeholders from national eInvoicing forums and from the user side of the market. Its objective is to help pave the way for the broad adoption of eInvoicing at national and EU-level. The forum provides a unique opportunity to exchange experiences and best practice across borders. It also discusses issues of common interest and may issue recommendations to the European Commission.

Commission Expert Group of eCertis National Editors

The European Commission expert group of eCertis National Editors ensures the management and development of the online database eCertis. The group's tasks are to:

  • provide the European Commission with advice and expertise on matters related to the implementation of Public Procurement Directives 2014/24/EU, 2014/25/EU, and possibly Defence Directive 2009/81/EC as they relate to eCertis
  • promote cooperation between the European Commission and EU countries to support the efficient functioning of eCertis through regular assessments, including through the Single Market Scoreboard
  • bring about the exchange of experience and good practice regarding eCertis