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How to assert your rights

SOLVIT network

Professionals having problems with the recognition of their professional qualifications in another EU country can contact the SOLVIT network in every EU country.

National courts and authorities

EU citizens who feel that their rights under European law were not respected may seek redress from the national courts or administrative bodies and/or through the arbitration and conciliation procedures available in the country concerned.

Note: only national authorities have jurisdiction to order the recognition of qualifications or the awarding of damages.

European Commission

Professionals may also complain to the European Commission, which is able to start an infringement procedure against EU countries and, as a last resort, to bring an action against the country concerned before the European Court of Justice (ECJ). However, this procedure is not as direct or personalised as steps taken at national level and may take a very long time.

For more information, see the application of EU law.

Court cases

See the list of recent infringement proceedings brought against EU countries and reports of cases before the ECJ relating to professional qualifications recognition:

Infringement cases

Earlier infringements (archive) (309 KB)