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Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs

ADMA Learning Network Events - A unique opportunity to exchange breakthrough ideas and best practices with a group of selected manufacturing SME CEOs.

The ADMA learning network events aim at building and sharing expertise among a limited, carefully selected group of max. 15 manufacturing SME CEO’s on important factory of the future topics. These events constitute a unique opportunity for SME CEO’s to be inspired by new methodologies and insights, and to share ideas and experiences (‘peer learning’) with other CEO’s that have made major breakthroughs within specific ADMA transformation areas.

CEO’s will have the opportunity to

  • visit companies that are excellent examples of specific transformation breakthroughs
  • meet other CEOs to discuss the challenges they face and the solutions that can be implemented
  • get access to the insights and experience from reputed experts in the field
  • become part of a strong, European network of CEO’s that can continue to discuss these or other 'factory of the future' related topics of tomorrow