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Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs

Supporting organisations

SMEs need your support in order to overcome the main challenges they face! We hope that with your help we can increase the number of Factories of the Future.

Methodology for assisting SMEs

By participating in ADMA, a manufacturing SME can access valuable services through a four-stage approach to assist companies in transforming their business to a factory of the future.

  • Phase 1: Register on the ADMA Support Centre digital portal and be part of ADMA to get access to the services.
  • Phase 2: Receive a Factory of the Future Quick Scan and get benchmarked in all transformation areas.
  • Phase 3: Receive a transformation plan, which will give you a clear view of the identified priority areas and the required transformations (offered to 60 SMEs).
  • Phase 4: Get your detailed implementation plan to realise/implement the identified breakthrough opportunities (offered to 20 SMEs).

In summary, European manufacturing SMEs participating in ADMA will receive

  • tailor-made support and proper training on the adoption of advanced manufacturing solutions
  • an assessment to elaborate and implement a transformation plan and transform your company towards a next-generation factory with more competitive, modern and sustainable production

Download the welcome pack for supporting organisations.

Become a supporting organisation.