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Netherlands' General Information

This database is designed to help technical specifications writers (CEN and EOTA) to identify all the regulations which exist in Member States applicable to "dangerous substances" which may be present in products or families of products covered by the harmonised technical specifications based on existing EU and national legislation on dangerous substances.

The Dutch regulations on dangerous substances are covered by several ministries of the Netherlands. The ministries involved are:

On behalf of the above mentioned ministries, RWS Leefomgeving has filled the database with the required regulations. More information can be found on the following websites:

Questions regarding regulations mentioned in the database can be send to the following address: mohamed [dot] el [dot] allouchiatrws [dot] nl (mohamed[dot]el[dot]allouchi[at]rws[dot]nl).

Actual texts of Dutch legislation can be found on the following website:

More information on RWS Leefomgeving can be found:

Data from Netherlands in this database

Contact points

Name RWS Leefomgeving
Email mohamed [dot] el [dot] allouchiatrws [dot] nl (mohamed[dot]el[dot]allouchi[at]rws[dot]nl)