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Roundtables of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

To accelerate clean hydrogen deployment across all parts of the value chain, the alliance’s work centres around roundtables, working groups, and the electrolyser partnership. The roundtables cover the entire hydrogen value chain, from production to end use and meet several times a year.

One of their valuable contributions so far was in September 2021 to publish a report identifying barriers to deploying clean hydrogen.

They set up the hydrogen standards working group to contribute to hydrogen standards development by CEN/CENELEC and other relevant bodies. This group will present its standards roadmap in early 2023.

The permitting working group, which has now completed its work, prepared a report mapping permitting bottlenecks and identifying good practices and policy recommendations. 

The electrolyser partnership was set up to address the challenges associated with increasing tenfold the manufacturing capacity of electrolysers in Europe. This partnership was one of the outcomes of the May 2022 Electrolyser Summit, outlined in the joint declaration signed by the European Commission and 20 European electrolyser manufacturers.

The partnership consists of alliance members involved in either

  • manufacturing electrolysers
  • supplying important components and materials
  • testing electrolysers
  • researching and developing new materials