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Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs

The trend reports tackle innovative business practices from a policy perspective. They help policy makers understand the latest trends in business and industry. These reports also give specific policy recommendations to help European businesses achieve their potential and scale-up successful innovative solutions in the EU. The study reports present the findings and policy implications of dedicated studies on key business innovation issues. 

  • Study report: 'Regulatory barriers and firm innovation performance'
  • Study report: 'Regulatory barriers and cross-border commercialisation of innovation'
  • Trend report: 'Optimal recycling, big data from space, and blockchain applications: disruption and policy response'
  • Trend report: 'Disruptive innovations and policy responses: self-production, insects as food, flying sensors, graphene & others’
  • Trend report: ‘Disruptive innovations and forward-looking policies towards smart value chains’
  • Trend report: ‘Smart factories, clean tech and customer experience’
  • Trend report: ‘Design for innovation, smart living and innovative business models’
  • Trend report: ‘Un-locking the potential of business and societal innovation’