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Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs


The project platform is the link between the EPAA steering committee (SC) and the EPAA project teams. The key role of PP is to supervise the projects, by

  • tracking progress against milestones, and where appropriate, defining further milestones
  • proposing changes to milestones/objectives
  • proposing measures on the outcomes
  • reporting to SC
  • highlighting deviations from proposed timelines/milestones


The Commission and industry partners jointly lead the project platform. Representatives of both parties act as appointed co-chairs. PP members meet quarterly, usually 15 days before the steering committee meetings, to discuss and report on respective projects and prepare SC meetings.

Ongoing projects

The EPAA partners promote better science and facilitate regulatory acceptance of alternatives. In doing so, they currently focus on several projects. These address different end-points and reach out to various sectors. The project platform manages all projects.

Completed projects