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Commitments and pledges for the transition of the textiles ecosystem

After the co-creation process of the transition pathway, we are now working on its co-implementation.

In June 2023, following the publication of the transition pathway for the textiles ecosystem, the European Commission launched the call for commitments.

Stakeholders are invited to submit their concrete actions and targets to contribute to the implementation of the transition pathway and to make the ecosystem greener, more digital and increase its resilience and competitiveness. The call for commitments will stay open as long as we implement the transition pathway.

On the below pages you find more information about the organisations that have submitted commitments and pledges, as well as the published pledges.



The report on the first set of published pledges summarises and illustrates interesting examples of submissions presented by stakeholders to support the transition of the textiles ecosystem.

We invite you to read this summary, explore the published pledges and become part of the co-implementation of the transition pathway for the textiles ecosystem.