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Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs

Confidence Indicator for the industrial ecosystems

Updated every month and based on data extracted by the Joint Harmonised EU Programme of Business and Consumer Surveys, provides a timely indication of the state of each ecosystem at the EU level.

We build a profile of the economic sentiment for each ecosystem, by calculating a weighted average of the values of those sectors included in the definition of each ecosystem; the weights are based on the share of value added that each sector has in the total value added of the ecosystem, as a measure of the relevance of that sector to that ecosystem.

Key messages of this edition

  • There is a general stagnation or mild decline across ecosystems, with the exception of Textile and, more remarkably, Tourism.
  • The sharp increase in Tourism is driven by the sustained increase of confidence in Food and beverage service activities.
  • Textile improvement is led by Manufacture of wearing apparel and of leather and related products, while Manufacture of textiles shows a slight decrease.
  • Energy Intensive Industries, Electronics and Agri-Food clearly break the increasing trend initiated two months ago. This is due to a general decline in the respective constituent NACE sectors.

Note: For 'Retail', 'Agrifood', 'Proximity-Social Economy', 'Renewable Energies', and 'Health', data available only partially cover that ecosystem, so we used dashed lines and the related values have to be interpreted with caution